Friends of Missions

Papua New Guinea

Christmas greetings. 


This has been a very sacred season to my heart. As I have thought about Jesus becoming flesh to save us, it has caused me to humble myself before Him.  He is in the soul saving business here. One by one hearts are touched and drawn to Jesus. I’ve enjoyed the celebrations that have been taking place.  Because schools (including our Bible School) finish the academic year in November it makes it necessary to have our Christmas party VERY early. So the Christmas tree goes up the first of November and the party planning begins. I gave gifts to the Bible School students, teachers and board members.  I really enjoyed it. A few weeks later there was a Christmas party with the Hagen Church congregation. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good

picture of it but these teenagers did include me in their memory picture. Everyone was happy with the feast and gifts.
And now things are quiet. Many have traveled back to their villages to spend time with their families.   I confess that my mind travels to the other side of the globe with thoughts of my children. But, next year will be different because I plan to come home and enjoy Christmas there.
This week I received the sad news that my brother has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. His name is Gale Throne.  Please pray for him. He is a Christian and says he has peace. Thank the Lord. I’m looking forward to seeing him next year.

Today I had a PNG lady tell me that she loves Christmas because there is a special feeling of peace about it. She is right. Under all the celebrations and decorations there is a Spirit of peace.

Thank you, Jesus, for coming to us as Saviour and Prince of Peace.

This is holiday time for everyone so, many activities are taking place….church dedications, mini campmeetings, bride-price ceremonies, families traveling back to their villages to visit extended families.

In the midst of this I want to find a way to connect and be a blessing. Last Sunday I was invited to the dedication of the new pastor’s house at Pelga. This church has not had a permanent pastor for over ten years. Ps. Jeremiah has answered the call to full time service to these good people. May God bless this humble man and his wife Lina and three little sons. I believe God has good days ahead for them.

It is such a privilege to live and work among these Christians. They repeatedly thank me for coming to PNG but it’s really the other way around.

I’m thankful to them for welcoming me and giving me a place of serve among them. I am also thankful for you dear people who have faithfully supported through offerings and prayer. Again this month I received an offering of $335.00 and another contribution from the PNC Camp Children’s Church of $108.00. The children’s offering will be used to complete our new Sunday School room which Bro. Timothy handing house key to Ps. Jeremiah Pelga Church Congregation Ribbon Cutting needs walls and a closet. A big heartfelt thank you to all the kids that gave. This thanks comes from the kids of the Bible Fellowship Church in Mt. Hagen