Location: Arrowhead Conference – Retreat Center, Cleburne, TX

Dates: July 27 – August 1, 2021

Evangelists: Rev. Stephen Stetler, Nathan Brown, Larry and Pat Jewett

If you will, people can register for Family camp by accessing this link:  Here is the registration link.

Or people can register by emailing LaFreda at: 


  or phoning: 580 736-2526

Bible Methodist Connectional Prayer Focus:

January 4-24, 2021

Pray Around the World:

January 23 – 7:00 AM in the Philippines

              24 – 6:00 PM EST the US and Mexico

Prayer Guide:

The Call to Prayer:


  1. Call to Prayer
  2. Call to a prayer of repentance
  3. Call to a prayer of praise
  4. Call to corporate prayer
  5. Call to family prayer
  6. Call to individual prayer

The Challenge of Leadership:


  1. Prayer for Pastor/Pastoral team
  2. Prayer for Lay leadership/Sunday school/evangelism
  3. Prayer for Conference Leaders
  4. Prayer for Family Leadership
  5. Prayer for National Leadership
  6. Prayer for International leadership
  7. Prayer for Missional Leadership

The Courage of Commitment:


  1. Prayer for intentional evangelism
  2. Prayer for deepening devotion
  3. Prayer for eyes to see the needy
  4. Prayer of intercession for missions
  5. Prayer of intercession for abused and misused
  6. Prayer of intercession for family members/friends
  7. Prayer for wisdom to see the heart of God
  8. Prayer of intercession for righteousness      

The Comfort of Community:


  1. – Praying Together